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I do!

Filmstacker is perfect for weddings

Transform your wedding party and guests into a video crew that can capture all your wedding stories, from the moment of proposal, to the big day, and even the behind the scenes shenanigans you might have missed! Relive and remix the whole experience again and again!

Filmstacker is great for community events

Upcoming Event?

Use Filmstacker at your next event

Harness the creativity of a crowd or any sized group to contribute special moments to a Filmstacker event. Works great for conferences, music festivals, family reunions, educational events, and many other occasions where everyone has a little piece of the bigger story!

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How it works

Create collectively & share effortlessly


Uncover projects and watch films created by our community to spark your creativity.
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Spark your creativity

Watch Filmstacks and reveal projects created by our community. Find just the right filmstack to start your story from.


Edit with ease

Each filmstack is comprised of short video clips, making it a flexible and fun way to craft your story.


Create collectively

Collaborate with other filmmakers, building on what they make. Grow a film crew by inviting others to join you in your film projects.


Powering organizations to amplify your messages directly on your website.
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Portal of your stories

The films made by your organization can be discovered and watched directly on your website.


Teams make vetted films

Teams easily work together to craft vetted stories to promote the work of your organization.


Build deeper connections

Connect on an emotional level with your audience by telling the stories that matter most.


Moderation by design means your community vets each video.

Teams work together to support one another in making quality videos. The Owner oversees each project while the Producers help their Crew by vetting each film made.

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Organizations have a innovative way to engage and connect people.

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Nils Christoffersen
Nils Christoffersen
Director, Wallowa Resources

I love the way Filmstacker makes it so easy to share our story. I sent funders a short video that combined the best examples of our services—from youth art classes to musical concerts—and they could quickly see the impact of what we do here. Grant money has started rolling in!

Kellee Sheehy
Kellee Sheehy
Josephy Center for Arts and Culture
Join our community of filmmakers and storytellers.