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Creative storytelling through shared video

A fun and intuitive app that will capture and collect video that you can edit to create your story and share it with the world. Because… everyone loves a good story.
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Empower storytellers

  • Get video from anywhere
  • Capture video from any device
  • Harvest segments of video anywhere online
  • Collect professional footage from media sources
  • Geolocation pulls in real time video near you
  • Easy to watch, mix and edit video
  • Smart metadata delivers relevant video
  • Watched videos are saved
  • Full creative control to build your story
  • Create collectively and share your film
  • Collaborate with other filmmakers
  • Share your film through social networks
  • Potential to earn income

Our Story

Filmstacker was founded through the success of a webapp that accompanied a full-length documentary film. The entire project garnered generous monetary awards with glowing recognition. Meet the team behind this endeavor.
Cody Sheehy

Cody Sheehy

Video Producer, Fundraising & Strategic Planner
JD Gibbs

JD Gibbs

Web Developer & Framework Architect
Craig Boesewetter

Craig Boesewetter

Graphic Designer & Web Developer
Kim Daly

Kim Daly

UI/UX Designer & Creative Strategist
Matt Rahr

Matt Rahr

Web Developer Communications & Business Manager

Your story

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