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Honest stories are just good for business


Everyone has a story to tell. At Filmstacker we believe telling trusted stores can bring us together.

We see technology as a force for good in our world. That’s why we are dedicated to helping you tell trusted stories with others on our platform that delivers an easy and fun experience we call—collaborative filmmaking.

With intuitive tools for collaboration, inspiration, editing, and project management, the Filmstacker platform gives you everything you need for making short films with others, all in one place—even on your website.

Organizations, universities, non-profits, and NGOs around the world are empowered by Filmstacker technology to effectively tell their stories regarding wildfires, water issues, ocean life, climate change, and endangered species.

Filmstacker is a fully distributed company with employees in more than four countries around the world, and we are growing. Together, we’re on a mission to help you tell trusted stories—together.

Guiding Principles we live by.


We’re an eager group of creative thinkers and tech wizards inspired to make a difference.
  • cody sheehy image

    Cody Sheehy

    Video Producer, Fundraising & Strategic Planner

  • JD Gibbs image

    JD Gibbs

    Software Developer & Framework Architect

  • Kim Daly image

    Kim Daly

    Creative Director, UI/UX Designer

  • Craig Boesewetter image

    Craig Boesewetter

    Web Designer & Developer

  • Matt Rahr image

    Matt Rahr

    Web Developer Communications & Business Manager

  • Jatta Sheehy

    Jatta Sheehy


  • Marci Fiamengo image

    Marci Fiamengo

    Social Media Strategist

  • Victor DIas image

    Victor Dias

    Mobile Developer

  • Simon Wicki image

    Simon Wicki

    Frontend Engineer


Join our team and change the way people tell stories.

We’re hiring people from around the world and it works! We know there’s great talent across the globe and we are a completely distributed company. Technology has empowered us to work together from anywhere. We’re all for working in an environment that we’re comfortable in.


Its well known that we can’t care for others unless we care for ourselves first. Stay healthy with fitness memberships we’ll help you pay for. Love your work but don’t neglect yourself in the process!


We see a bright future and want to make sure you see it too. We are a funded startup with a bootstrap mentality, and we really value our talented team. That’s why we offer competitive salaries plus great options packages that get you in early.


Intellectual curiosity fuels growth and we are all for it! We support your drive to stay fresh on technology and trends in our industry. That’s why we offer allowances on software, hardware, trainings, and conferences.


Mutual respect is not optional. We’re committed to building an inclusive culture where individuals succeed as their authentic selves. We foster respectful and humble yet engaging and uplifting conversations that strengthens inclusiveness of race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation and culture. Because feeling like we belong is what we all want, and deserve.

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