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how it works

Making video storytelling fun and easy


Create collectively & share effortlessly
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Collaborate with other filmmakers in our community, collectively building on what everyone makes.

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Unite with community filmmakers around a topic that’s important to all of you and make better films together.

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Film Crew

Grow a film crew by inviting others to join you in your film projects, working together to vet the films for quality and accuracy.

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Make filmmaking together effortless by easily sharing film clips and filmstacks with each other and on your social networks.


Explore storylines & edit your film with ease
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Full creative control with a simple to use editor that empowers you to trim, split, and mix short clips together to make a filmstack.

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Explore possible narratives with videos that are organized into storylines – it’s like having a professional filmmaker at your side.

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Capture video from any of your devices, or from YouTube, into your filmstack and store on your studio.

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Your private place that has everything you need to organize your filmstacks into projects and grow your crew.


Spark your creativity & be inspired to make great films
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Watch Filmstacks and reveal projects created by our community. Find just the right filmstack to start your story from.

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Zoom in on the body of work created by each community filmmaker and be inspired by their ideas and different styles of storytelling.

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Tags define the content making it a powerful way to discover new videos that might lead to your next great film.

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Storylines are a helpful way to expand on your ideas. These video narratives are presented as options that can broaden your perspective and foster creative solutions.


Powering organizations to amplify your messages directly on your website.

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Portal of your stories

The films made by your organization can be discovered and watched directly on your website.


Teams make vetted films

Teams easily work together to craft vetted stories to promote the work of your organization.


Build deeper connections

Connect on an emotional level with your audience by telling the stories that matter most.

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John Koprowski
John L. Koprowski
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