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Filmstacker makes it easy for guests to capture their experience and share special moments right from their phone to your Filmstacker project.

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The gift of your wedding story from all your guests
80% of couples opt to not have video, but it is their biggest regret
We hear it all the time… as the wedding begins to unfold, couples realize the magnitude of the event and begin to regret not recording their biggest day. Often they are too overwhelmed to even see what is happening around them. With Filmstacker, you can explore all the stories and enjoy them forever.

How it works

Create a wedding project, invite your guests, and watch the stories they tell.
  1. Set up your wedding project

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  2. Invite your guests

    Your guest list can receive an email or scan a QR code at your event to join.

  3. Make and share stories

    Guests capture the special moments, you decide what to share.

Filmstacker gave us the greatest gift of all… stories from our guests that captured moments that matter. Without it, we would have missed so much of our wedding.

Jorge and Maria Vasquez
Married in Napa County, California, 2021

Our wedding day was so full, and it was impossible for us to be part of everything. We're grateful to have a glimpse into what friends and family were up to - stories that a videographer alone couldn’t possibly capture.

image of angela
Angela Bombaci
Married in Oregon, 2022
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