Capture Clips

The building blocks of your film, your Filmstack, are clips. These videos are super short, typically under 1-minute. Upload video from any of your devices or harvest online from YouTube and Vimeo. Clips are captured directly into your Stack and stored in your studio. 

Helpful tips: 

  • Record in landscape/horizontal orientation. 

  • Clips are best at 10 seconds or less.  

  • All videos uploaded, must be under 3-minutes. 

  • Easily trim your video clips to remove what you don’t want. 

  • Any video file format is accepted. 

  • Give clips a title, description, and tags to help you find them later. This also adds metadata to your Stack, making it more searchable. 

  • Stacks are composed of 2-20 clips.  

  • Have more clips than that? Try dividing them into separate Stacks. 

Capture a Clip ] Update Video with current UI 


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