Crowdsourcing a Film or News Story

By turning to a large group of people for ideas and solutions, crowdsourcing can generate a lot of benefits over internal ideation processes. Not only can businesses get access to great ideas, but they can also drive marketing buzz and engage their customers. Leveraging the collaborative aspects of Filmstacker is a natural fit for crowdsourcing. 

  • Sign up for a Team account. Pro account 

  • Create a project for your newsroom and for each reporter as a crew member. 

  • Setup project for moderation so that the editor can approve and feature content submitted by the reporters. 

  • Invite anyone from the public to contribute citizen journalism stories. 

  • Harvest video clips from YouTube and Vimeo. 

  • Mix the community content together for unique collaborative stories. 

  • Share Stacks on the news companies’ LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages. 

  • (Enterprise Feature - Coming soon) Download video for inclusion in mainstream video outlets. 


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    Learn the basics of utilizing Filmstacker to make short films and manage a film crew.

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