Tourism Business

Visitors can easily document their experiences using the phone in their pocket. Their videos can be woven together to tell unique perspectives that are fresh and genuine. Avoiding canned stock video will help your business stand apart and might even increase customers to your market. 

  • Create a project for your business, giving it a title, description and photo. 

  • Offer sponsored projects to your customers so their uploads are free. 

  • Explore Stacks they make about their experience. 

  • Recombine clips into a new Stack and share daily on social media to promote your business. 

  • Use our widget to display feature Stacks directly on your website. Learn more about the benefits of utilizing our widget.


    Getting Started

    Learn the basics of utilizing Filmstacker to make short films and manage a film crew.

    Filmstacker Tips

    Pro tips and best practices for making a film straight from a professional filmmaker. 

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    Find answers to your community and privacy questions.