Yoga Studio & Instructor

Connect and grow your yoga community by offering online classes using Filmstacker. Record clips of each yoga pose, lesson, and transition then quickly build Stacks of custom and popular sequences. Offer it to an entire class or as a private lesson.

  • Sign up for a Team or Pro account. 

  • Create a Team account for a studio, a Pro account for solo instructor. 

  • Create a single project, or a collection of projects for each of your focus areas, giving each a title, description and photo. 

  • If using a team account, invite fellow teachers to join. 

  • Record clips of each yoga pose and transition. 

  • From the clips you recorded, arrange custom sequences for sharing. 

  • Share your yoga Stacks with an entire class or offer as a private lesson. 

  • Encourage your students to arrange clips for their personal practice. This could be an added cost for them. 

  • Place content behind a website paywall with our widget. 

  • Post Stacks on social media to promote your business and drive event traffic. 


    Getting Started

    Learn the basics of utilizing Filmstacker to make short films and manage a film crew.

    Filmstacker Tips

    Pro tips and best practices for making a film straight from a professional filmmaker. 

    Knowledge Base

    Find answers to your community and privacy questions.