Password Strength

Create a strong and unique password for your Twitter account. You should also create an equally strong and unique password for the email address associated with your Twitter account. 


  • Do create a password at least 10 characters long. Longer is better. Consider using a line in your favorite song or poem. 

  • Do use a mix of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols. 

  • Do use a different password for each website and app you visit. Your Filmstacker account password should be unique to Filmstacker. 

  • Do keep your password in a safe place. Consider using password management software to store all of your login information securely.  

Do Not: 

  • Do not use personal information in your password such as phone numbers, birthdays, etc. 

  • Do not use common dictionary words such as “password”, “iloveyou”, etc. 

  • Do not use sequences such as “abcd1234”, or keyboard sequences like “qwerty”. 

  • Do not reuse passwords across different websites and apps.    


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