Film Like a Pro

Follow these basic filming techniques to ensure you get the best clips for your story. It all comes down to: orientation, audio, and composition. 

  • Record horizontal, in landscape mode. This is how we watch films in theaters and on tv. 

  • Most clips will be 2-5 seconds. 3-minutes is the maximum. 

  • Pay attention to audio. Poor audio is the number one reason people stop watching a video. 

  • Avoid wind. If it is noisy get close to your subject, the person you're filming. 

  • Follow the rule of thirds, the basic rule of composition in film production. Divide the frame visually into thirds horizontally and vertically, so the image is divided into nine equal parts, which creates control points. Place your main objects along or within these lines, or their intersection. 

  • Watch the video to see the rule of thirds illustrated on the frame. With this attention to composition, you're sure to succeed. 

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