Pro Filming Techniques on a Phone

Join co-founder Cody and his wife Jatta as they hike the challenging Tetakawi Peak in Mexico. Cody will demonstrate best practices for filming on your phone while outdoors in challenging wind. Expect some huffing and puffing. 

  • Keep clips short, 2-5 seconds, 3 minutes is the maximum. 

  • Close up shots should be really short. 

  • Filming someone face can be a little longer. 

  • Avoid “junk cuts” by piecing clips that are framed up close next to clips that far way. 

  • Obey the rule of thirds for a balanced composition. Position your subjects' eyes 1/3 from top and 1/3 from the side. 

  • Avoid wind, cover microphone with your hand.  

Pro Filming Techniques ]  


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