Documenting Weddings

Celebrating a marriage is a rare occasion that brings loved ones together in one place and time. Documenting this event with video stories told from the guest’s perspective can be the best gift of all. 

  • Sign up for an Event account. 

  • Choose a plan size with enough minutes for your wedding party to capture all their stories.

  • Enter the number of guests to pick your plan. 

  • Set up your event with a title, description and photo. 

  • Record a video encouraging your guests to film special moments on their phone and upload them to Filmstacker. 

  • Update project settings if you want to moderate the content uploaded by your guests, or stick with the default settings. 

  • Display QR codes for easy signup and send email invites. 

  • If hiring professional videographers, upload their best videos. 

  • Watch stories (Stacks) from the wedding. 

  • Mix and match video clips to make your own Stacks. 

  • Share your favorite Stacks on social media. 

  • Send your guests a “thank you” video. 


    Getting Started

    Learn the basics of utilizing Filmstacker to make short films and manage a film crew.

    Filmstacker Tips

    Pro tips and best practices for making a film straight from a professional filmmaker. 

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