Impact Campaigns

Connect on an emotional level with your audience by telling the stories that matter most. Video is a powerful means to reach people. Now that everyone has a video recorder in their pocket, turn staff and supporters into active storytellers who can help elevate important causes. 

  • Sign up for a Pro account. 

  • Create a project for each of your focus areas, giving each a title, description and photo. 

  • Invite select team members from across the organization to be producers. 

  • Producers invite crew. 

  • Producers and crew can capture and make Filmstackers. 

  • Producers moderate Stacks created, if needed, so that what the public watches is vetted or project can be “live” for real time posting of stacks by the project crew 

  • Attract new donors by sharing your best stories. 

  • Keep your current donors and supporters informed with fresh stories.  

  • Increase public interest by sharing your stories on social media.  

  • Build partnerships through demonstrated success stories. 

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    Getting Started

    Learn the basics of utilizing Filmstacker to make short films and manage a film crew.

    Filmstacker Tips

    Pro tips and best practices for making a film straight from a professional filmmaker. 

    Knowledge Base

    Find answers to your community and privacy questions.